Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What happens when you click “share to Facebook”?

I love little buttons everywhere but I never use them when I don’t exactly know what they’ll do. Maybe it’s a precaution I developed from working in engine rooms for two decades. You wouldn’t want to press a mislabeled self-destruct button, after all.

Still, I’m too curious to know what the “share to Facebook” button will do. Will it hurl my entire article onto my wall, or will it list a discrete first line and a snazzy invite to ‘read more…’?

There’s no other way than to try out. Here goes…


  1. Ah, well, it publishes the title only, and a link to the article on Blogger. How neat.

  2. Nice Arie, I was wondering the same thing haha. Thanks for going first!